Get the strategies, resources + coaching you need to have the best year in your freelance business yet.

So you want more clients, huh?

I hear you!

But there’s one major reason why your makeup biz isn’t where you want it to be right now.

Most freelance Makeup Artists face one major (and unexpected) obstacle that often holds them back from booking their dream clients consistently, and at a rate they deserve.



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Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question...

Do any of these sound like you?

“I’ve been at it for a while, but there are just so many Makeup Artists!

I’m struggling to break through and get noticed in my city.

“I’m tired of people loving my makeup, but then saying I’m too expensive.”

“I know I should be using social media more, but I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what to post.

“Between my full time job and my business, it’s so difficult to find the time to get everything done! I desperately need more structure!

“No one in my city appreciates 

my aesthetic.”

“I’m booking clients, but I just don’t know what I can do to GROW my business. I’m willing to put in the work, I just wish I had someone to tell me what to do next!"

“Right now, I feel like I’m just doing makeup. I want to turn this into a

REAL business.”

“I’ve tried everything but I just can’t seem to gain momentum!



You see… the reason why you’re not where you want to be is NOT because you’re not talented, or you’re not worthy, or because you have a certain makeup style, or because you live in a small city, or because the market is over saturated.

IF SO...

In other words, you only get paid when you pack up your kit and head to your next client.
+ You have a full time job and only have 
limited availability to accept bookings...
+ You’re so booked that you physically can’t accept more clients...
+ You live in a smaller city, so the services  you offer aren’t in high demand…
+ You have small kids, so paying for a  babysitter eats up most of  your rate…
+ You’re a new Artist, so you haven’t gotten 
your name out there yet...
+ Slow season comes…
+ You still love makeup, but you’re ready to 
transition into the next phase of your career...
+ Or, for whatever reason, you just have a tough time getting people to book you...
When YOU stop, so does your money.


Just a few short years ago, I was that Artist who was completely overworked and underpaid. I knew I wanted more for my life, but I was terrified to raise my rates, and I didn’t know what else I could do to turn my passion for makeup into a REAL business that made money all year long, no matter the season, and no matter if I was physically doing makeup.

Then, in 2016, I invested in business coaching and everything changed.

I learned tried-and-true business growth strategies from experts outside of the beauty industry, and I realized that the way Beauty Pros are taught to grow our businesses is completely outdated. 


Most Makeup Artists believe that in order to make more money, we need to book more clients. And every day, our job is to post on Instagram...and hand out business cards...and network..and HOPE that new clients discover us and old clients send us referrals.


But this is THE SLOWEST, LEAST EFFICIENT, and MOST UNPREDICTABLE way that you can possibly grow your business!


I knew that if I wanted to change my life, I had to completely change the way that I approached my business. I decided to stop waiting for my clients to come to me, and instead, bring my artistry to them. 


With the help of my coach, I hosted my very first beauty event for Brides.


I put together a signature bridal package, and presented the offer to the Brides in attendance.

The result? I booked $20,000 in Bridal contracts from that one event! 


That was life changing money because I’d made $18,000 total for the entire year before.


Then, I tested the theory...

I’d generated $100,000 within 9 months of creating my first offer!

A few months later, I hosted a makeup masterclass…and generated another $4,559

And then an online class… another $1449

Then, I sold out two hands-on makeup bootcamps, resulting in $70,000 in revenue!

The REAL reason your business isn’t growing as quickly as you desire is because right now you’re probably focused only on making money from what you physically do!
And I’ve been launching offers all the way to multiple 6 figures per year in revenue ever since!
Here's what I know to be true:
No matter how long you’ve been doing makeup or where you live, launching quarterly OFFERS is the key to diversifying your income, building your audience, and creating consistency in your business so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed by chasing after one-off bookings.
And don’t worry! Choosing your offers is EASY!
Just use The Do-Know-Grow Formula...

Then, each quarter launch a simple 14 day social media marketing campaign to promote and sell your offer!

Launching OFFERS via simple social media marketing campaigns is the best way to make more money, more consistently as a freelance Beauty Pro!

And what I discovered is this:

Don't believe this can work for you?

Angela is proof that even as a Beginner, launching offers creates momentum!

Listen to Angela's Mogul Story!
Beginner Makeup Mogul
Detroit, Michigan
  • Started doing makeup in April 2019

  • Joined Makeup Mogul University in June 2019

  • Followed the processes inside MMU + booked TWO BRIDES

  • Launched a promotion for a makeup class + SOLD OUT her first event

  • As a result of the class, she’s now receiving requests for makeup appointments, private makeup parties, 1-1 lessons and more!

Yes! You can do this!  You don’t have to be an influencer, live in a major city, or have everything together before you launch an offer! In fact, your offers CREATE your audience and CREATE the income you need to expand and grow your business!
But don’t take my word for it. Check out the offers that MMU Students have launched:

 Melody M. | @themelodyeffect | 3348 followers 

Melody M. from Connecticut launched Blaque Broccoli, a broccoli seed-based body oil for skin and hair.

Tia​ | @tiawallacebeauty | 243 followers

Tia from New York launched BYOBB (Bring Your Own Beauty Bag), a beauty event to help women learn how to use the makeup they currently have in their personal makeup kits.

Danielle | @daniellerochonmakeup | 5354 Followers

Danielle from Chicago launched makeup tutorial videos for everyday women in her community and generated $1400 in 8 days!

Aminata | @slvixxenartistry | 494 followers

Aminata from Maryland launched a hands on makeup class for everyday women and used to scripts and templates inside MMU to secure

6 sponsors for her event!

Atarah | @atarahistry| 4,117 followers

Atarah from Maryland hosted a sold out makeup class for Pros and launched a T-shirt line. She had her highest earning year in 2019 and was voted best Makeup Artist in Pikesville!

You’ve been given your gifts for a reason. And there are clients out there who are just waiting for YOU. Let’s launch your first offer together!

An 8 week online coaching experience that gives you access to all the training, tools, templates, resources, coaching and support you need to launch your next offer so you can have your best year in business, yet.


Whether you’re a part time or full time Beauty-preneur, Makeup Mogul University is designed to help you take the vision you have for your career and turn it into ACTION. 

No more confusion. No more overwhelm.

No more feeling stuck.


You’ll learn the exact process for creating offers that are irresistible to your clients, and how to execute flawless quarterly marketing promotions on your social media so you can market your business like a MOGUL and create consistent income on demand.


Launching offers is new (and maybe a little scary) -- I get it! That’s why we have powerful group video coaching calls each month so you can receive personalized support and feedback on your offers and marketing promotions!


Build relationships with like-minded Beauty Pros from around the world in our private Facebook  group. Together, we’ll celebrate your wins, give you a nudge when you need to get back on track, and hold your hand as you grow.


The only thing better than information is implementation!


That’s why we’ve developed step-by-step implementation blueprints that help you take action in your business with confidence! Whether you want to grow your email list, build your social media following, or host a live event, you’ll have detailed guides that walk you through every single step of the way.


Makeup Mogul University is broken down into 3 powerful modules. I’ll personally coach you through Modules 1 + 2 over the course of 8 weeks. Then, in module 3, you’ll unlock access to the tools, resources, and action plans that will help you implement what you’ve learned.


Week 1. Developing The Mogul Mindset : A Lesson on Thoughts + Beliefs, Healing Your Relationship With Money + The Power of  Forgiveness


Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to remain in a perpetual state of UN-learning. So, in week 1, we’re going to wipe away the old “junk” that’s been keeping you stuck, and being priming your life for your new reality as a Makeup Mogul. You’re going to learn science backed techniques that will help you overcome the negative thought patterns and habits that have been holding you back from achieving higher levels of success in your business.

Week 2. Setting Your Core Values + Structuring Your Business


In week 2, you’re going to get clear about what your biggest priorities are in your life, and what your core values are so that you can design a business that’s in alignment with your lifestyle and goals. Then, I’m going to show you how to set up your weekly calendar so that you’re building in time for all the things that matter -- like family time, date nights, AND business time. Because a Mogul’s life is a BALANCED life.

Week 3. Automating Your Business + Stepping into Your New Identity as a Makeup Mogul


In week 3, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite business automation tool, and together, we’re going to organize and automate your business so that you can spend less time doing menial tasks (like answering emails and creating contracts from scratch), and more time focusing on your profit producing activities.

Once you’ve learned how to think like a Makeup Mogul, it’s time to create the framework for your best year in business, yet!

Week 4. The Makeup Mogul Masterplan: Design Your Year, set Your Goals + Manage Your Money!


In week 4, you’re going to get clarity about what offers you’ll launch in 2020, set a goal for how much income you want to generate from each of your offers, and what offer you’re going to promote each quarter.

Week 5. Creating Your First Irresistible Offer


In week 5, you’re going to learn my 7-part recipe for an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, and together, we’re going to design your first offer!

Week 7. Mapping The Marketing Plan For Your Offer


In week 7, you’re going to learn exactly how to design a WINNING marketing promotion for your offer. Together, we’ll map out your full marketing and promotion plan for your next offer using my plug-and-play templates and resources.

Week 6. Building Your First Sales Page


In week 6, you’re going to learn the formula for a PROFITABLE sales page, and I’m going to help you design the page for your first offer. Don’t worry! I got you covered! We’ll provide you with everything you need to design the sales page  for your offer, plus  click-by-click support, so even if SUCK at design and tech, by the end of week 6, you’ll have a beautifully designed page for your offer!

Week 8. The Instagram Plan


In week 8, you’re going to get even more clarity about how to use Instagram, specifically, to get your offer in front of the people who matter -- your BUYERS! I’m going to share my top methods for amplifying your message, growing your audience, creating a community around your brand, using OTHER PEOPLE’S audiences to launch your offer, and getting your followers ready and excited for your offer so you can launch to customers who are excited and ready to buy!

By the end of Module 2, you’ll have your first irresistible offer fully created, your sales page designed and set up, and the marketing plan for your offer completely mapped out!

Once you complete Modules 1 + 2, we’ll have a digital graduation celebration, and Module 3 will unlock!

In module 3, you’ll get access to collection of step-by-step implementation blueprints so you can get things DONE in preparation for launching your first marketing promotion! Whether you want to build your email list, grow your social media following, plan a photo shoot, or more, we have implementation blueprints that will help you at every step of the way!

There’s nothing that exists like this in the world!



Sign up by Wednesday, Jan 29th at 11:59pm PST and get The Beauty Content Pro x MMU Instagram Bundle!



- Lifetime Access to Makeup Mogul University

- FREE TICKET to our Live 3-Day Accelerator Experience in Washington DC

in June 2020  

(Value of $4997)



- Lifetime Access to Makeup

Mogul University 



- Lifetime Access to Makeup

Mogul University 




You’re protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re confident that MMU can change everything in your beauty business!            


But it’s of the utmost importance to me that the Artists in our community are a good fit and are getting value from the experience. So get in and work through the first two modules with us!


If by Sunday, March 15th you’ve worked through the course content and don’t feel like we’ve delivered value, simply email the MMU Support Team at and show us that you’ve completed your coursework.


If you can show us that you’ve done the work, but are not satisfied with your investment, we’ll issue a full refund! The reason that we ask to see your completed assignments is, we are fully committed to you as a MMU Artist and work incredibly hard to make your success non-negotiable.


As such, we ask that everyone who enrolls in MMU be just as committed to their own success by actually doing the work. If you want enroll now but plan to begin Modules 1 + 2 later, we simply ask that you’re SURE about your decision to enroll now.  

The deadline to request a refund (March 15, 2020) is firm. This allows us to ensure that we’re building a community of Artists who are actively engaged and committed.


Because in MMU, your success is non-negotiable!

Bonus #1 - The Makeup Mogul Automation Blueprint

Unlocks in Module 1

It’s time to get your business back-end in order! In Module 1, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite business automation tool, Dubsado. Then, as a bonus, a concierge from the tool’s Customer Support Team will help you get set up on the platform, and I’ve created customer service email templates for your special occasion and Bridal booking processes that you can literally copy and paste! Consider your customer service HANDLED.


Bonus #2 - The Offer Vault

Unlocks in Module 2

Don’t know what offer to launch? I’ve got you covered! In Module 2 you’ll unlock access to a treasure trove of over 100+ offer ideas to help get your creative juices flowing! As we work together to create your first irresistible offer, you’ll be able to browse The Offer Vault for inspiration for Bridal clients, Consumer clients, and Pro Education clients! Plus, we’ve included ideas for live event offers, online classes, holiday offers, physical product offers and more! You’ll never be short on ideas for what to launch with The Offer Vault!


Bonus #3 - Money Mastery Bundle

Unlocks in Module 2

Makeup Moguls make business decisions based on facts and figures, not feelings! That’s why in Module 2, you’ll get access to The Money Mastery Bundle which includes:


Beautysheets - A “smart” spreadsheet that tracks your income and expenses so you’re always on top of your business’ profitability. Plus, this spreadsheet is designed to keep you ahead of the game for tax season! All you’ll need to do is send a copy to your tax preparer and breathe easy.


The Makeup Mogul Profit Planner - An interactive spreadsheet that helps you set the prices for your offers based upon your goals. Simply plug in your desired revenue and the spreadsheet will generate recommendations for how much to charge, how many units you’d need to sell in order to reach your goal, and more!


With the Money Mastery Bundle you’ll be the Artist who’s not only making money, but also making a PROFIT!


Created by Terrie Chantel, a Tax Expert with 14+ years of experience owning her own tax firm which specializes in helping new entrepreneurs learn everything they need to know to keep more of what they make. Known as a go-to for education on business, credit, and taxes, she has helped thousands become financially fit as a Financial Educator and Speaker. She not only educates, but she motivates and inspires with messages that implore her audience to grow.


Bonus #4 - SIX Professionally Designed Site Templates

Unlocks in Module 2

Suck at design? We’ve got you covered! The Emma Rose Agency has created SIX beautifully designed drag-and-drop site templates exclusively for MMU:


(2) Full website templates -- You’ll use these if your website needs a refresh!

(2) Sales page templates -- You’ll use these for your irresistible offers!

(2) Landing pages templates -- perfect for your “Coming Soon” pages or opt-in pages to get your clients to sign up for your email list!


Plus, we’ll show you exactly how to update and customize your templates, click-by-click. Your design struggles? Consider them HANDLED.

VALUE OF $10,000

Bonus #5 - The Contract Vault

Graduation Bonus - Unlocks with Module 3

As my gift to you for graduating through modules 1 + 2, when you reach module 3 you’ll unlock a collection of contracts + agreements to keep your business protected! The contracts were created by Ticora Davis, intellectual property attorney, author and business strategist. Ticora is also the founder of both The Creator’s Law Firm, a disruptive virtual law firm that helps small business owners protect their smarts.



The Beauty Content Pro x MMU Instagram Bundle

Plus, when you sign up by Wednesday, January 29 at 11:59pm PST, you’ll get The Beauty Content Pro x MMU IG Bundle!

Here’s what’s inside:

LIVE Instagram Training with Nicole Melton of Beauty Content Pro (April 2020). On this training, you'll learn Nicole's strategies for planning your Instagram content. 


2020 Beauty Holidays Calendar - From National Esthetician Day to National Lipstick Day, this 2020 cheat sheet has all of the beauty days Nicole has researched and compiled over the years, so you can leverage Beauty Holidays for your social media content and your offers!


Editorial Calendar - An Editorial Calendar is what beauty editors use to plan out content topics for the entire year. This document is the same format that Nicole learned as a full-time beauty editor at ESSENCE. This Editorial Calendar will help you map out your social media content, plan collaborations, pitch influencer partnerships or work with brands to plan content in advance.

3 months of IG caption templates - You’ll receive 45 fill-in-the-blank captions that you can easily customize, copy, and paste into your Content Calendar.


A gorgeous gallery of 30 beauty stock images that you can use for Instagram, IG Stories, Facebook, your brand flyers, or wherever you want! The images will be a mix of neutrals and bright colors so you can match them to your own branding, and supplement the photos and videos of your work.  


With Beauty Content Pro x MMU IG Bundle, you’ll have everything you need to be more consistent on Instagram, increase your engagement, and grow your audience -- minus the frustration!



Complimentary ticket to

The MMU Accelerator Experience

June 26 - 28, 2020

Washington, DC

When you pay your tuition in full, you’ll be able to spend an impactful (and glam!) weekend with me in DC!


Together, we’ll create your irresistible offer and map out the full marketing plan for your promotion.


Then, you’ll design your sales page using one of our BONUS MMU Site Templates with on-the-spot support of Professional web designer and brand strategist Tiffany Tolliver of The Emma Rose Agency.


Plus, you’ll have access to a private Pop-up Accelerator FB group where you’ll have 30 days of additional support following the event should you have any questions!

Imagine having your next promotion fully planned in a weekend, so you can launch your offer ASAP!

VALUE OF $4997

Here’s the timing of the Winter 2020 Cohort
Enrollment for the Winter 2020 Cohort ends on:
Friday, January 31 at 11:59pm PST.
We’re going to have a live Kick-Off Orientation Celebration on Sunday, February 2nd.
Modules 1 + 2 will be released between:
February 3 - March 20, 2020.
Our virtual graduation will be held on March 22, 2020.
Module 3 unlocks on March 23, 2020.
If you keep up with us during modules 1 + 2,
you’ll be ready to launch your offer in the Spring!
Learn from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace.

We have MMU students from all over the world! So, all of the trainings, resources, modules and coaching inside MMU are available online so you can access them at any time!


We always make replays of our live sessions available, so if you can’t make it, you can watch them later!


Plus, when you enroll, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS

to all current course materials and all future updates.

So, no matter where you are in the world, we’ve got you covered!
But maybe there’s something that’s holding you back.
You might be asking yourself...
“ What if I’m a busy mom/wife/husband/student and I can’t necessarily do makeup, but I still want to grow my business.
Can MMU help me? ”

Amina is a busy stay-at-home mom located in London. Due to her schedule (and childcare costs), accepting private Makeup appointments was no longer feasible. So, she hosted a live masterclass in Kenya, and sold over 200 tickets! She then launched a beauty membership to teach women in her community how to do their own makeup, and retails makeup and skincare to her members. 

Now, she has monthly recurring revenue coming from her beauty business, and she’s able to be fully present with her daughter. 

“Actually doing makeup, is not very convenient for me since I've got kids around. My time is very limited, and it's not always convenient for the clients. So I thought instead of just limiting myself to doing makeup bookings for clients I am more than that; I am capable of doing more than just makeup. I am capable of teaching other people. I've been doing Instagram Lives, I've been doing Periscope makeup tutorials, and I've been doing YouTube tutorials for so long for FREE.


Before I came across Makeup Mogul Makeup Mogul University, I did feel sort of stuck and I felt like I have all this knowledge, I have all these products, but I'm struggling to keep them moving, I'm struggling to sell them, I'm struggling to advertise my services and everything that I can offer. But when I came across your platform, it just opened my eyes and it just made me realize that I can do a lot more, and there's a way I can brand myself, and I can spread the word about my work as someone who has something valuable to offer to people.”

“ What if I already do several things and I don’t want to choose? ”

You won’t have to!

Creating offers is the perfect solution for multi-passionate Beauty Pros because you’ll create an offer to specifically target each of your niches! Then, all you’ll have to do is choose one offer to specifically market for your 14 Day Promo -- Simple!

She’s a Bridal Makeup Artist, and she recently launched a Permanent Makeup Studio called Dayton Powder Brows. Both arms of her business are thriving, but what she’s learned in Makeup Mogul University has allowed her to create a sense of balance. She’s gearing up to move into a bigger studio for you Permanent Makeup services! Watch her story
Meet Shaterra
" What if I don’t do Makeup? Can launching offers still help me? "

You bet!


Launching offers isn’t limited to Makeup or Beauty Services! We have members who have launched all kinds of offers related to many different areas of their lives! 

You see... once you learn how to launch an offer, you have the building blocks to create money on-demand. That’s what I call, FREEDOM!

Tia Wallace used the strategies she learned in MMU to launch Keto + Killin' It, an online training program to help women live healthier lifestyles through the ketogenic diet. She generated $1782 with her first launch!

“ What if I have a small following? ”

Most Beauty Pros believe that in order to create a successful offer, you need a large audience. That couldn’t be further from the truth!


FACT : Your offers build your audience, not the other way around!

In MMU, we teach you how to start small and grow-as-you-go!  

Madge was able to sell out her makeup class TWICE!

" What if I don't want to teach? "

You won't have to.


Teaching is just one way to diversify your income, but it’s not the only way! You can create offers that are specific to booking more special occasion clients, bridal clients, you can offer products, and even partnerships or collaborations.

 Alores is a Makeup Artist based in Charlottesville, SC. She opened 
Alores House of Flawless, her city’s only makeup store. She continues to grow her brand by offering retail to
her clients!
Meet Alores
" What if I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work for me? "
Listen to Ci’ara’s Story

"In Makeup Mogul University, I was able to identify the strong points in my Artistry, and instead of searching for clients, create my marketing tools that made my clients search for me."

Here's what Ci'ara was able to do in MMU:

  • Tripled her business revenue

  • No longer begging for clients

  • Clients now pay IN FULL in advance

  • Now a published Makeup Artist

  • Hosts events to grow her business

  • Now offers retail (T-shirts, skin care, lip scrub)

  • Left full time job and became a full time Makeup Artist

"Makeup Mogul University has completely changed the dynamics of my business! I am no longer just a Makeup Artist, I am a Makeup MOGUL. "

Having a successful career isn’t just for “those”  Makeup Artists who live in major cities or work with celebrities.
Yes, YOU can have your dream business too. In fact, you deserve it.

We live in an ever-changing digital world where your ability to make money as a Beauty Pro is only limited by your imagination. Your best year in business is just one offer away -- no matter where you live! 

You’re making the transition from being a hobbyist into being a real, working Makeup Artist and you want to do it the right way (because who has time and money to waste figuring it all out on your own?!

You’re already making investments on the artistry side, but now you’re ready to seriously step your game up on the business side.

You’ve already begun accepting paid clients, but you’re ready to add more structure to what you’re doing behind the scenes (so it doesn’t feel like you’re always winging it!)

You’re creative minded and are willing to be a trailblazer in the industry and do things a little A LOT different from everyone else!

You’re booking clients consistently, but you’re ready to begin attracting more “high end” clients who value what you do (and are actually willing to PAY for it, hello?!)

You have a full time job and desire to build a freelance business that allows you to build a profitable business on the side while still balancing all of the other things that matter.

You want to diversify your income by launching a beauty or makeup related offer.

Here’s everything you get inside MMU :
Pay-in-full bonus : Complimentary ticket to the MMU Accelerator Experience, June 26 - 28, 2020, Washington DC ($4997 value)
8 weeks of coaching and support as you create your first irresistible offer (Modules 1 + 2)
Step-by-step Implementation Blueprints (Module 3)
Lifetime access to all MMU trainings, tools, resources (And all future updates!)
Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
BONUS #1 - The Makeup Mogul Automation Blueprint  ($297 value)
BONUS #2 - The Offer Vault                
($197 Value)
BONUS #3 - The Money Master Bundle
($97 Value)
BONUS #4  - The Contract Vault        
($597 Value)
BONUS #5 - SIX Professionally Designed Site Templates ($10,000 value) 
Just imagine what your life will look like in just a few months now if you have a proven system, plus the tools and support you need to create more income, more consistently in your beauty in your business…

Does it look like more freedom to do what you love?

More time to spend with your family?

Less stress about your bills?

More money to set aside for savings?

Funds to put towards that dream car or dream car?

Whatever success looks like to you, just know...
You’re only ONE OFFER AWAY…
Get started now.