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Get the strategies, resources + coaching you need to market like a MOGUL, diversify your income, and continue to grow your career as a Beauty Pro.


Let's be honest...

If you're like most beauty pros, everything about your business recently changed overnight. Individual services were canceled. Weddings were unexpectedly postponed. And without warning, you found yourself unable to physically service your clients.

As the industry slowly begins to bounce back, what I can tell you is this : there’s going to be a MASSIVE SHIFT in the way that Makeup Artists and Beauty Pros do business, forever.

And if you want to stay ahead, NOW is the time to learn how to diversify your income, master your marketing skills, and structure your business so that you can make money even when you can’t physically service your clients.

That’s why I’m so excited that you’re interested in Makeup Mogul University!


that teaches everything you need to grow from a struggling, overwhelmed Makeup Artist to an unstoppable Makeup MOGUL! So if this sounds like you:

  • You’re just getting started as Beauty Pro and want to learn how to grow your business “the right way” from the beginning

  • You’re struggling to get your artistry out there and want to learn how to grow your brand and stand out from all of the other Beauty Pros in your city

  • You’re looking for ways to save your beauty business because Covid-19 has completely turned things upside down for you

  • You’re an educator at heart and you’re ready to offer beauty courses, classes, and education...

But truth is, my career hasn’t always been amazing.

In fact…for a while, I really struggled.

Just a few short years ago, I was that Artist who was completely overworked and underpaid

I had the talent and the passion for Makeup Artistry. And I was doing all the things that you’re “supposed to do” in order to grow your business like constantly posting on Instagram, handing out business cards, networking..and hoping that new clients would discover me and old clients would send me referrals.

But I hit a brick wall where I couldn’t figure out how to take my business to the next level.

I knew I wanted more for my life and I knew I wanted to become a full time Makeup Artist. 

But I was terrified to raise my rates, I was frustrated that I had to constantly sacrifice time with my family in order to accept clients every weekend, and I didn’t know what else I could do to turn my passion for makeup into a REAL business that made money all year long, no matter the season, and no matter if I was physically doing makeup.

Then, in 2016, I invested in

business coaching and everything changed.

Reading this page will be the best decision you make for the future of your beauty business.

Hi there,

I'm Tiyana Robinson

I’m a full time Makeup Artist and International Beauty Educator. Since beginning to do makeup 5 ½ years ago, I’ve built a multiple six figure per year business without moving to a major city and without being a celebrity Artist.

I’ve served as a Key Makeup Artist during New York Fashion Week, Brides have flown me all over the world for their wedding days, and I’ve had the absolute honor of teaching Pro Masterclasses in 8 states and 3 countries. In 2017, I was voted Washington DC’s Best Makeup Artist by Washington City Paper, and in 2020 I was included on The Root’s inaugural GLOW UP 50, a list of the top 50 most influential black tastemakers, trendsetters and innovators elevating the world of style.

Fun fact : I was included in the

Influence category alongside Rihanna!

I realized that the REAL reason my business was stuck was because

I was only focusing on making money by physically doing makeup!

This is the #1 mistake most Makeup Artists and Beauty Pros make, and you’re probably making this huge mistake too!

Let's paint the picture.  Right now, you probably only get paid when you pack up your kit and head to your next client.

But what happens if: 

+ You’re a new Artist, so you haven’t gotten your name out there yet...

+ Slow season comes…

+ You still love makeup, but you’re ready to transition into the next phase of your career...

+ Or, there’s a global pan-freakin-demic and you can’t physically service your clients..

+ You have a full time job and only have limited availability to accept bookings...

+ You’re so booked that you physically can’t 

accept more clients...

+ You live in a smaller city, so your services aren’t in high demand…

+ You have small kids, so paying for a  babysitter eats up most of  your rate…

This is a dangerous business model because when YOU stop, so does your money.

Learning how to diversify my income is exactly how I saved my business and earned enough money consistently to leave my 9-5 job!

With the help of my business coach, I put together a signature luxury bridal package and hosted my very first beauty event for Brides. At the end of the event, I presented the package to the Brides in attendance.

The result? I booked $20,000 in Bridal contracts from that one event! 

A few months later, I hosted a makeup masterclass for Pro Artists… 

and generated another $4,559!

And then I offered an online business webinar… resulting in another $1449!

Then, I sold out two hands-on makeup artistry bootcamps, resulting in $70,000 in revenue!

I’d generated $100,000 within 9 months of creating my first offer! 


And I’ve been launching offers all the way to multiple 6 figures per year in revenue ever since!


 Building a leveraged business where you make money from offers outside of just your physical services is the best way to make more money, more consistently as a Makeup Artist or Beauty Pro.

No matter how long you’ve been doing makeup or where you live, creating OFFERS is the key to diversifying your income, building your audience and creating consistency in your business so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed by chasing after one-off bookings.

Choosing your offers is EASY!

Just Use The Do Know Grow Formula




are focused on getting an influx of bookings. For these types of offers, you can do things like create a signature Bridal Package, or leverage holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to create a special experience or package.



offers are focused on monetizing your knowledge and expertise. Your goal is to leverage your time by serving MANY people at once. Trainings and masterclasses, both in person and online are perfect! These types of offers are super scalable and are often the most profitable.



offers are things like product lines, makeup brushes, skincare, or brand apparel like t-shirts and tote bags. These items compliment your physical services, and can be purchased 24/7, by anyone around the world!

Having all three types of offers gives your business leverage so that you can pivot and adapt to whatever life throws at you! It’s what allows you to grow from MUA to CEO.

So, what happens if YOU

don’t pivot like..RIGHT NOW?

We’re in the midst of what I call “The Makeup Mogul Revolution”.

Makeup Artists are slowly returning back to work, but nothing will be the same!

Gone are the days where you’ll be able to squeeze in Bridal parties of 12 people back to back. In order to protect the safety of your clients and yourself, you’re not only going to have to provide personal protective equipment, but also take time in between each application to deep clean and sanitize your workspace.

And the same goes for hair stylists, estheticians, lash techs, nail techs, and everyone who makes beauty their business! All of this cuts into your bottom line!

Truth is, most Beauty Pros simply won’t be able to afford to rely exclusively on physical services anymore.

When you implement

The Do-Know-Grow Formula,

Constantly having to negotiate your rate in order to fill up your books.

Being able to accept bookings because YOU want to.

Feeling stuck because you don’t know what to do to get your brand in front of “the right” customers

Feeling confident in your marketing message because you've created offers that are irresistible to the customers you want to attract.

Being shackled to your makeup kit or salon chair because you have to accept clients in order to make money

Having the freedom to take as many (or as few) clients as you want, and making more money while physically working less

Feeling guilty for checking your email inbox and DMs like a maniac when you’re supposed to be spending time with family because you’re scared that you might miss out on money

Being able to step away from your business with confidence because you know you have systems in place that will take care of your business even when you’re not present

That’s exactly what implementing

The Do-Know-Grow Formula™  will do for you!


The good news is, if you’re one of these three types of Beauty Pros, The DO-KNOW-GROW Formula™  works especially well…

You’re a

Startup Artist. 

You’re passionate and you know that having a career in beauty is your calling. But maybe you’re new, so you haven’t yet figured out how to book clients consistently. Or perhaps you’ve been at it for a while, but you struggle with marketing so there’s no consistency in your income. Either way, you’ve been focused exclusively on getting clients to book your services in order to make money.

You’re an Undiscovered Beautypreneur.

 You’re ahead of the game because you actually have physical products like a lash line, makeup brushes, or maybe you even created your first online makeup class or e-book. But you’re your city’s best kept secret because when it comes to marketing and the tech stuff, you feel completely stuck! Your biggest struggle is getting marketing visibility for your brand.

So if you're any one of those Artists, now’s your time to create your DO-KNOW-GROW ™ offers!

You’re a Successful

Makeup Technician.

You’re a rockstar when it comes to marketing your business, so you’re actually booked and busy! You want to take your business to the next level, but to be honest, you’re already completely overwhelmed and don’t feel like you have the time! Right now, booking clients is your primary source of income, but you’re ready to make a change.

If you’re a Startup Artist

(Either you’re new Beauty Pro or you’re struggling to book clients consistently)

Implementing The Do-Know-Grow Formula ™ will be the jumpstart your career needs! Most Beauty Pros believe that they have to wait until they’ve fully mastered their craft, or have a picture-perfect brand before they can begin to make real money.

But waiting until everything is “perfect” is one of the biggest mistakes you can make!  

Creating offers will help to establish you as a Pro and give you expert positioning in your customer’s mind.

One of the best ways to start getting your name out there is to focus on “KNOW” offers like 1-1 makeup lessons, small group classes, and offering private beauty parties to women who want to do something fun with their friends. And guess what? You certainly don’t have to be an “expert” to authentically share what you know with everyday women!

Teaching is one of the best ways that you can master your craft because it forces you to be thoughtful about your process so that you can explain it to others. And creating “Know” offers early in your career will help you generate the money you need to reinvest back into your brand so that you can grow more quickly!

When you do this, your business will begin to pay for itself, instead of it being a money pit that you’re constantly pouring into, hoping that you’ll get a return on your investment some time in the future.

Like many new artists, she believed that she’d have to spend a few years working for free before she could begin charging for her services. 

But after following the processes inside Makeup Mogul University, she’s launched her own lash line and has landed collaborations with beauty brands -- all within less than a year of beginning her career! 

When Brandi Anderson joined Makeup Mogul University, she had no idea about how to make money as a Makeup Artist.

Listen to Brandi’s story!

If you’re an Undiscovered Beautypreneur

(You’ve already begun to diversify your income, but you can’t seem to build momentum)

You’re in the perfect position to implement The Do-Know-Grow Formula ™        

because you’ve already got bright ideas! You’re just missing the marketing magic!

When done right, having signature offers helps to grow your brand’s visibility, improves client retention and referrals, and extends the lifetime value of each of your customers.

Now, all you need are proven strategies and systems that will help you take your offers from awesome to absolutely irresistible, and the marketing know-how to get your brand in front of more of your ideal customers -- consistently.

Siti was able to use offers to save her studio in the wake of Covid-19 by launching an online platform for her business. Since then, her visibility has increased, her audience has grown, and she’s launching a new business venture!

Listen to Siti's story!

By launching offers, she was able to earn more in two weeks than she had in the previous two months!

If you’re killin’ it as a Successful Beauty Technician 

(You’ve got plenty of clients, but you’re completely overwhelmed and don’t know how to take your business to the next level)

The Do-Know-Grow Formula ™ is the key to your freedom!

The reason that you feel stuck and overwhelmed is because your business is not yet leveraged. You need something other than your bookings to make money so that you can finally stop running around town, and you can free yourself from being shackled to your makeup kit or salon chair.

The good news is, because you already have a full roster of clients, you have a captive audience of buyers who already love you and believe in your brand!


Now, wouldn’t it make sense to offer them learning experiences and products that will help them maintain their beauty routine in between appointments, and give them a way to support you even when they can’t get in your chair?

And guess what? There’s no limit to the number of students you can teach... and customers can purchase your products from anywhere in the world!


When you implement the DO-KNOW-GROW Formula™ you not only make your business scalable, but you make room to create a legacy brand that can live on beyond you! 

I call this having a “life-proof business” because when you have leverage,

you’re able to pivot according to whatever life throws at you!

After losing all of her clients due to Covid-19, Krystal pivoted to offering online masterclasses and selling her lash line. 

Listen to Krystal’s story!

Between her masterclasses and product sales to her students, she was able to generate $11,135 in 45 days.

Honestly, regardless of where you are in your career, implementing the DO-KNOW-GROW Formula™

just makes sense!

That’s why even the top Beauty Pros always create different offers in their businesses!

Danessa Myricks

Charlotte Tilbury

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Author, Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American Women

  • Creator, Fine : The Basis of Beauty (DVD)

  • Live Masterclasses

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Pro Education (DVDs, Masterclasses, Online education)

  • Founder, Danessa Myricks Beauty

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Author, About Face (2010); Face to Face (2012)

  • Founder, Scott Barnes Beauty

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Founder, Charlotte Tilbury

Natasha Denona

Rea Ann Silver

  • Youtube Influencer

  • Founder, Wayne Goss Beauty

  • Makeup Artist

  • Founder, Natasha Denona Beauty

  • Pro Education (Live Masterclasses)

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • Creator, The Masterclass (Global Masterclass tour)

  • Makeup line collaboration with Kim Kardashian West

  • Film + TV Makeup Artist

  • Founder, Beauty Blender

You don’t have to be a celebrity artist to teach others what you know or offer products that wow your customers! Here are real products that members of the Makeup Mogul community have launched :

Sounds great, right? Well, I should warn you...

There are three major challenges that usually hold Makeup Artists back from creating their Do-Know-Grow offers...


They struggle with turning their ideas into action or simply don’t know where to start.

When you’re a Beauty Pro, you wear all of the hats in your business. And finding the time to figure out how to host that class your clients have been asking for, or how to offer products just feels… overwhelming. And maybe even out of reach.


But I’m here to tell you, you CAN get it done, and it doesn’t have to be hard! You just need someone to show you how!


They struggle with all of the “tech stuff”.

I’m not going to kid you, one of the keys to having a profitable business is having access to programs and systems that can support your growth, automate your business, and give your clients an amazing customer service experience.


Although we live in a world where you can’t really avoid tech, wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could just tell you exactly which tools you need (and which you definitely don’t), and showed you exactly how to use them so you don’t have to waste time figuring everything out on your own?


They struggle with marketing and getting in front of “the right” clients.

Friend, it’s time to stop being your city’s best kept beauty secret! You’ve been called to beauty. You have an amazing gift, and clients are just waiting for everything you have to offer (they just haven’t discovered you yet!)


Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated! It’s all about putting the right message, in front of the right clients, at just the right time.

So, if you’re ready to grow from being a Pro to being a MOGUL, but you just need a little support…

I created Makeup Mogul University for you!

It’s my mission to help mogul-minded Beauty Pros grow their businesses to six figures and beyond! And I know I can help you, too, because my framework works! 

So, What Is Makeup Mogul University?

Makeup Mogul University is a 5 module online training that gives you everything you need to diversify your income and market like a MOGUL so you can grow your beauty business beyond your wildest dreams (even if you have a small audience, live in a small city, or suck at tech!)

Inside, you’ll learn the exact steps to figuring out the right DO-KNOW-GROW™  offers for YOUR business, how to create and build your offers, how to market your offers so that they’re irresistible to your customers, and most of all, how to build a real, sustainable business as a Freelance Beauty Pro -- not just create a glorified job.

Whether you’re a part time or full time Beauty-preneur, Makeup Mogul University is designed to help you take the vision you have for your career and turn it into ACTION. 

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more feeling stuck.

Here's How Our Core

Curriculum Breaks Down:


Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to remain in a perpetual state of UN-learning. So, in Module 1, we’re going to wipe away the old “junk” that’s been keeping you stuck, and begin priming your life for your new reality as a Makeup Mogul.


You’re going to learn science backed techniques that will help you overcome the negative thought patterns and habits that have been holding you back from achieving higher levels of success in your business. Consistently, our Students have shared that this powerful module has changed their lives.



A Mogul’s life is a BALANCED life so in Module 2, we’re going to focus on setting up the back-end of your business for success.

  • How to uncover your core values so you can design a business that’s in alignment with your dream lifestyle and ultimate business goals.

  • How to set up your weekly calendar to ensure you’re making time for all the things that matter -- like family time, date nights, AND business time. You can have it all (when you have structure!)

  • The essential business programs and tools that EVERY Beauty Pro must have

  • How to automate your business so you can spend less time doing menial tasks (like answering emails and creating contracts from scratch), and more time focusing on profit producing activities that will help your brand grow



 As a Makeup Mogul, creating offers is at the core of what we do! Because when you have multiple offers, you have leverage. And when you have leverage, you have freedom. But we don’t just create any ol’ offers in MMU. We make ‘em irresistible! You know… the kind where your customers throw their credit cards at their computer screen because they gotta have whatever it is that you’re selling? Yup! THOSE kind.

So, in Module 3 you’re going to learn : 

  • How to decide which DO-KNOW-GROW™ Offers are right for your business

  • My signature Makeup Mogul Method Framework for planning your offers for the year (this is my simple-but-powerful version of a business plan. And if you don’t already have one, now’s the perfect time to map out the remainder of your year!)

  • The 7-part recipe for taking your offers from awesome to IRRESISTIBLE (we get into the nitty-gritty psychology of what makes people buy.)

  • How to build a PROFITABLE sales pages for your offers -- the easy way! You’ll be able to send your customers to a virtual “home” for your offers that you can be proud of!



Once you’ve created your offer, it’s time to launch! “Launching” is simply the process of  building excitement and desire for what you’re about to drop, and finally, announcing your offer to your customers. 

In Module 4, you're going to learn: 

  • My two signature launch styles (aka “Quick launch” vs. “Traditional launch”). If you’re in a pinch, do a Quick Launch. But if you’ve got time to warm up your audience and get them excited before you make your offer available for sale, do a Traditional Launch. You’re going to learn how to do both!

  • The three critical phases of a highly successful launch

  • 5 creative ways to announce your offer to your audience (If you’ve ever wondered how to host a webinar, a live event, a multi-day challenge, a virtual launch party, or a video series to launch your offer, this module is for you!)

  • How to debrief your launch so you can assess what worked and what you can improve for next time



Once you understand how to create a world-class offer, it’s time to learn how to consistently get discovered and communicate your value with clarity and confidence!

In this module you’re going to learn : 

  • How to drive sales after you’ve announced your offer

  • How to create content your audience LOVES and will engage with

  • How to grow your brand’s visibility and reach (without getting completely overwhelmed)

  • How to turn your Instagram page into a “funnel” that drives the perfect customers to your offers

  • How to consistently put new your brand in front of a steady stream of new customers

  • How to build a community of raving fans among your current followers (and turn them into buyers!)




And if all of this feels a little overwhelming or intimidating, let me assure you...It’s not.

Choose the tuition plan that’s best for you

I’ve designed Makeup Mogul University to make your life easier, NOT harder! All of the lessons are broken down into bite-size, easy-to-follow videos.

Here’s what else you get so that you can easily absorb and implement what you’ll learn :


Launching offers is new (and maybe a little scary) -- I get it! That’s why we have powerful group video coaching calls several times per month so you can receive personalized support and feedback on your offers and marketing promotions!


The only thing better than information is implementation! That’s why I’ve developed step-by-step instruction manuals that help you take action in your business with confidence! Whether you want to grow your email list, fill up your book, build your social media following, or host a class, or launch a product you’ll have detailed manuals that walk you through every single step of the way.


You’ll get to build life-long relationships with like-minded Beauty Pros from around the world in our private Facebook group. Together, we’ll celebrate your wins, give you a nudge when you need to get back on track, and hold your hand as you grow. Our members often say that our group is MMU’s best asset, and I have to agree!

*All new SUMMER 2020 BONUS*

But there’s one more thing that I’ve included to make your success NON-NEGOTIABLE

I’ve created an intimate coaching experience where I’ll spend your first 30 days in MMU with you. Together, we’ll have one mission : to launch your very first irresistible offer (MMU style) and generate $1,000 or more, all within 30 days!

The Summer 2020 #1kIn30Days Mastermind Experience includes :

 Access to our private Mastermind FB Group

4 Bonus group coaching calls

Our all new Quick Launch Bundle which includes Sales page templates, Thank You Page templates, and Downloadable Shopping Guide Templates, all built in Canva

This will be the most hands-on coaching experience I’ve ever created, and I want you to know that I’ll be right there with you every step of the way as you launch your first offer!

- Lifetime Access to MMU


- Summer 2020 BONUS : #1kin30Days Mastermind Experience

- Over $16,000 worth of free bonuses!

Then 2 additional payments of $397


- Lifetime Access to MMU


- Summer 2020 BONUS : #1kin30Days Mastermind Experience

- Over $16,000 worth of free bonuses!

Then 11 additional payments of $97

The Makeup Mogul Automation Blueprint

It’s time to get your business back-end in order! In this bonus bundle I’m going to introduce you to my favorite business automation tool, Dubsado.


Then, as a bonus, a concierge from the tool’s Customer Support Team will help you get set up on the platform, and I’ve created customer service email templates for your special occasion and Bridal booking processes that you can literally copy and paste! Consider your customer service HANDLED.

Value $297
Enroll Today And You’ll
Also Get These Bonuses

Makeup Moguls make business decisions based on facts and figures, not feelings! That’s why we created The Money Mastery Bundle which includes:

Value $197
The Money
Mastery Bundle
  • Beautysheets - A “smart” spreadsheet that tracks your income and expenses so you’re always on top of your business’ profitability. Plus, this spreadsheet is designed to keep you ahead of the game for tax season! All you’ll need to do is send a copy to your tax preparer and breathe easy.

  • The Makeup Mogul Profit Planner - An interactive spreadsheet that helps you set the prices for your offers based upon your goals. Simply plug in your desired revenue and the spreadsheet will generate recommendations for how much to charge, how many units you’d need to sell in order to reach your goal, and more!

With the Money Mastery Bundle you’ll be the Artist who’s not only making money, but also making a PROFIT!

Created by Terrie Chantel, a Tax Expert with 14+ years of experience owning her own tax firm which specializes in helping new entrepreneurs learn everything they need to know to keep more of what they make. Known as a go-to for education on business, credit, and taxes, she has helped thousands become financially fit as a Financial Educator and Speaker. She not only educates, but she motivates and inspires with messages that implore her audience to grow.


- Lifetime Access to MMU


- Summer 2020 BONUS : #1kin30Days Accelerator Experience

- Over $16,000 worth of free bonuses!

The Contract Vault 

Created by Ticora Davis, intellectual property attorney, author and business strategist, this vault includes a collection of essential contracts + agreements to keep your business protected!


Plus, Ticora created a mini-training to teach you a crash course in how to create legally binding contracts and agreements.

Value $597

Suck at design? We’ve got you covered!

The Emma Rose Agency has created EIGHT beautifully designed drag-and-drop site templates exclusively for MMU:

Value $12,000
EIGHT Professionally Designed Site Templates
  • (2) Full website templates -- You’ll use these if your website needs a refresh!

  • (2) Sales page templates -- You’ll use these for your irresistible offers!

  • (2) Landing pages templates -- perfect for your “Coming Soon” pages or opt-in pages to get your clients to sign up for your email list!

  • (2) Confirmation pages - You’ll send your customers to this page after they’ve purchased your offer or opted in to your email list!

Plus, we’ll show you exactly how to update and customize your templates, click-by-click.

Your design struggles? Consider them HANDLED.

Enrollment Day Bonus!
Beautygram Playbook LIVE 2-Day Virtual Instagram Workshop

During this all-new workshop, we’re going to spend two days giving your Instagram a complete makeover! You’re going to learn :

  • What’s up with the algorithm now and how to make sure your posts are actually seen by your followers

  • The NEW way to use Instagram to drive bookings and increase sales (without having to post in your feed everyday)

  • The Mogul Bio Formula

  • How to Map + Batch your content so you have a steady stream of posts on deck! You’ll never have to spend hours staring at your blank screen wondering

  • How to use STORIES to make your customers fall in love with you (and your offers) How to create a “visibility plan” to constantly get discovered by new followers and customers

Sign up by Monday, June 29th at 11:59pm PST to lock in your spot!
(SOLD OUT) Plus, when you PAY-IN-FULL, you’ll get a
FREE 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Call With Me!
Friend, I am an Idea Architect!

Being able to take my student’s vision and lay out a road-map for how to get it done -- the EASY way -- is truly my super power! It’s one of the reasons I created Makeup Mogul University!

But sometimes, you may want a little more one-on-one time than our group coaching calls can offer. 

That’s why, for the very first time ever, I’m offering the ability to schedule a 1:1 coaching call with me. And if you pay your tuition today in full, you’ll get a session for FREE.

You’ll be amazed at how much we can get done in a single

laser-focused 90 minute call.

You’ll leave with clarity. You’ll leave with confidence. You’ll leave empowered to get to the bag! And don’t worry -- You’ll have up to 12 months to schedule your call.


This Bonus has expired, however you will receive the replay.

The Makeup

Mogul Promise

You’re protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
I’m confident that MMU can change everything in your beauty business!   

But it’s of the utmost importance to me that the Artists in our community are a good fit and are getting value from the experience. So....get in and let’s get to work!


If by Wednesday, August 12th you’ve worked through the course content and don’t feel like we’ve delivered value, simply email the MMU Support Team at support@makeupmoguluniversity.com and show us that you’ve launched your first offer.


If you can show us that you’ve done the work, but are not satisfied with your investment, we’ll issue a full refund! 

The reason that we ask to see your completed assignments is, we are fully committed to you as a MMU Artist and work incredibly hard to make your success non-negotiable.


As such, I ask that everyone who enrolls in MMU be just as committed to their own success by actually doing the work. If you want to enroll now but plan to begin the coursework later, I simply ask that you’re SURE about your decision to enroll now.


The deadline to request a refund (August 12, 2020) is firm. This allows us to ensure that we’re building a community of Artists who are actively engaged and committed.

Here’s the timing of the Summer 2020 Cohort

Enrollment for the Summer 2020 Cohort ends on: Thursday, July 2nd at 11:59pm PST.


We’re going to have a live Kick-Off Orientation Celebration on Sunday, July 5th.


The #1Kin30Days Mastermind Experience is from July 6th - August 5th, 2020.


Our Virtual Graduation Celebration will be held on Sunday, August 9th, 2020.


Your core curriculum unlocks on Monday, August 10, 2020.


(you read that right)

We have MMU students
from all over the world!

So, all of the training, resources, modules and coaching inside MMU are available online so you can access them at any time! 

We always make replays of our live sessions available, so if you can’t make it, you can watch them later!

Plus, when you enroll, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all current course materials and all future updates.

But maybe there’s something that’s holding you back.
You might be asking yourself...
“What if I’m not an expert?”

Being an expert doesn’t mean you have to be THE BEST.


It actually means that you have a skill that other people want to learn. So, whether you’re a brand new Artist or you’ve had a career for years, you have knowledge and skills that you can share with others.

In fact, teaching is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as a go-to expert, fill up your books, and grow your brand’s visibility!

Meet Angela

• Book her first TWO BRIDES

• Sold out THREE makeup classes

• As a result of the class, she’s now receiving requests for makeup appointments, private makeup parties, 1-1 lessons and more!

Angela is a Beginner Makeup Artist based in Detroit, Michigan. She joined Makeup Mogul University just one month after deciding to become a Pro Makeup Artist. Since following the Blueprints inside MMU, she was able to :

Angela is proof that even as a Beginner, launching offers creates momentum!

“What if I don’t have a large following?”

Most Beauty Pros believe that in order to create a successful offer, you need a large audience. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your offers build your audience, not the other way around!

In MMU, we teach you how to start small and grow-as-you-go!

That’s why in Module 3, you’ll spend time not only learning the 7 key elements of an irresistible offer, but you’re also going to learn how to determine which offers are right for your audience. 

Then, in Module 4, you’re going to learn strategies for launching to a small audience. So whether you have 100 followers or 100,000, you’ll be ready to create #moneyondemand.

Aminata from Maryland launched a hands on makeup class for everyday women and used the scripts and templates inside MMU to secure 6 sponsors for her event when she had 494 followers on Instagram.

Meet Aminata

Alores is a Makeup Artist based in Charlottesville, SC. She opened Alores House of Flawless, her city’s only makeup store. She continues to grow her brand by offering retail to her clients! 

Teaching is just one way to diversify your income, but it’s not the only way! You can create offers that are specific to booking more special occasion clients, bridal clients, you can offer products, and even partnerships or collaborations.

“What if I don’t want to teach?”
"What if I'm not a Makeup Artist?

Launching offers isn’t limited to Makeup Artists! We have members who have launched all kinds of offers related to many different areas of their lives! 

You see... once you learn how to launch an offer, you have the building blocks to create money on-demand. That’s what I call, FREEDOM!

Tia Wallace used the strategies she learned in MMU to launch Keto + Killin' It, an online training program to help women live healthier lifestyles through the ketogenic diet.

She generated $1782 with her first launch!

Meet Tia

Creating offers is the perfect solution for multi-passionate Beauty Pros because you’ll create an offer to specifically target each of your niches! 

“What if I do several things and I don’t want to choose”?

Then, all you’ll have to do is choose one offer to launch each quarter -- Simple!

Shaterra is a Bridal Makeup Artist, and she recently launched a Permanent Makeup Studio called Dayton Powder Brows. Both arms of her business are thriving, but what she’s learned in Makeup Mogul University has allowed her to create a sense of balance. Even in the wake of Covid-19 she’s been able to move into a bigger studio for her Permanent Makeup services! 

Meet Shaterra

What if I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for me?

You haven’t tried everything. You’ve tried everything YOU know to do to grow your business, and that’s why you need a coach now more than ever! 

Because, truth is… you don’t know what you don’t know.

Having access to proven strategies, a coach who can help you put the pieces together, and a community to support you along the way can change everything for you!

Here’s how MMU helped Ci’ara turn her business around:

Here's what Ci'ara was able to do in MMU:

  • Tripled her business revenue

  • No longer begging for clients

  • Clients now pay IN FULL in advance

  • Now a published Makeup Artist

  • Hosts events to grow her business

  • Now offers retail (T-shirts, skin care, lip scrub)

  • Left full time job and became a full time Makeup Artist

Now, I have some questions for YOU!

What is having consistent and predictable income worth to you and your business?

How would it change your life to learn proven marketing strategies that will allow you to create #moneyondemand when you want, or when you need it most?

What is it worth to finally stop wasting your time and money trying to figure everything out on your own? Would it be worth it to have access to a system that will allow you to finally learn how to put your brand in front of clients who actually want to book you and buy from you -- without feeling totally overwhelmed in the process? 

What would it be worth to offer your clients an AMAZING experience from the moment they land on your social media page or website, through the moment they enter their credit card. 

How would it feel to nurture a community of clients who love you so much that they become your biggest cheerleaders no matter WHAT you offer?


What would it mean to build a beauty business that can actually support your family or provide the extra income to create a life you love?

What would it be worth to learn how to grow your business in a way that’s balanced and makes room for everything that really matters?


What would it be worth to finally stop being your city’s best kept secret, and to create products, services, and classes that your clients will rave about for years to come?


I’m going to be real with you.